Accentuate your home decor with modern bedroom furniture

60Investing in bedroom furniture is one of the ideal investments to enhance the beauty and appearance of your bedroom.

The modern furniture plays a vital role in augmenting the elegance and exquisiteness of your home decoration. Moreover, it will make your room look more spacious and also complement rest of the adorn ments of your home.

Choose right set of modern bedroom furniture


What Type of Wall Paper to Choose for House?

59Whether you want to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other area of your house, there is no better option than to start from walls.

These provide multiple ways of decorating your house interior; for instance, you can either go for different types of painting patterns or you can choose the wall papers from a range of variety available in the market.

You have to keep several things in view while selecting a wall paper and the most important of which is ‘Area’ you are going to decorate while using this procedure. Apart from these, you also need to keep the durability and decoration purpose in view. To make the best choice, you need to consult the best interior designer in Pakistan.


Décor your room with the latest collection of large rugs

58Whenever a person wants to decorate the room, he tries to find the best decorative material for their home. Seeing the present fashion trend, rugs have gained lots of popularity among people in the UK and people really love the new and trendy designs of the rugs available in the market.

But before buying a rug try to do a full research on the texture, design, size and material. It is always a good practice to measure the space carefully before buying a rug so that you don’t end up buying the wrong product for your home. In the case of large rugs, one need to be more cautious as large rugs are more visible to anyone and if you are looking forward to cover the whole floor area then, in that case a correct measurement is an important thing. In the next step, it is correct to choose the rug which has the right design and pattern that will easily blend with the interior of the room.

Things to note down before choosing a large sized rug:


Purple rugs- Ability to create a positive impact in the room

57Purple is the colour which really shows the wealth and extravagance in the room and make the room look more beautiful than before. If we talk about the history, then the purple rug was considered one of the favourite colour of Cleopatra. The colour symbolises royalty, wealth, nobility and stature. It also adds to the dignity and creates a spiritual feeling in the room.  A purple coloured rug is best suited for the bedrooms and meditation rooms which create a calm effect in the room and make the room look more adorable than before.

It is not meant for the bathrooms and kitchens but it is considered one of the best colour of prosperity. Purple colour is one of the beautiful form of colour which will change the décor of the room in a beautiful way. It is also considered a perfect piece for the living room, bedroom and dining hall. It is considered special because it has the ability to create a calm and serene effect in the room that change the entire room into a masterpiece. It is the colour of prosperity which will have a positive impact on the room and make the room look more beautiful than before.

The purple rug will match with the existing style of the décor that will style the décor of the room in  a new way. Choose the dark coloured rug like purple, which will easily blend with all types of home décor and create a beautiful impact in the room. The darker the colour of the rug will be, there are less chance of getting it dirty. A purple rug would require less maintainence and it will create an amazing effect in the room.


Ornament your room with cushion pads

56With a span of is necessary for a person to update their room as the same way they are updating their wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a dreary living room that requires trimming or  you want to revamp your bedroom, cushions will definitely change the look in a beautiful manner. Revitalize the whole room with the trendy, stylish and glamorous cushion pads which will change the whole room into a beautiful piece.

The fluffy cushions comprise of some stunning and striking hues and patterns that have the power of enlivening the interior. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a cushion pad, then visit Bedding Mill UK and see the latest collection of cushion pads available at a very nominal price. But before buying, let’s have a look at some of the tips which will not only help you to choose the perfect cushion pad,  but it will also alter the décor of your home in an amazing way.

Try to choose the colours and textures that will easily go with the décor of your room. A cushion with similar colour and hue will easily revamp the interior in a wonderful way and definitely, it will give a classy look to the room. From polka dots to gingham prints to floral prints, every type of pattern is available in the Bedding Mill, which will easily add chic to the interior. A vast range of colours can easily add spark to the room, even in the most muffled decoration.